Lelo INA - Lime Green

Lelo INA - Lime Green
  • Lelo INA - Lime Green
Ina Lime Green
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The lime green Lelo INA (formerly LOLA) vibrator updates the most loved vibrator of all time with improved functionality and modish elegance. A more body-oriented and sleek take on the classic rabbit personal massager, the Lelo Ina is a dual-action, dual-motor vibrator, with the convenience of wireless and rechargeable power. It is designed for synchronized as well as alternating clitoral and vaginal stimulation and satisfaction. The lime green Ina vibrator is form-fitting to your body and has intuitive curves and angles, allowing for maximum pleasure with minimal gall. It is known best for its circular mode," which brings one pleasure zone to the heights of intensity while restricting pleasure vibrations brought to others. Vibrations can be delivered in alternating forces while creating a sense of graceful motion within, progressively building her user's anticipation for the most ideal prolonged satisfaction. The lime green Ina is a superior choice of pleasure object for less-schooled users as well as long-time rabbit-lovers who favor repetition with a difference.

What makes the INA truly unique is that it has two individual vibrating motors, one in the base and one at the tip. While most pleasure objects are equipped with only one motor, the distinct placement of the motors in the Lelo Ina provides multiple and maximum pleasure zone stimulation singularly or in a variety of combinations customized to your own preferences and explorations, which can be further refined and controlled with the variable interface dial, located on the base. Beginning with a delicate flutter and reaching its maximum intensity at a guttural pulsation, the lime green Lelo Ina has eight unique vibration modes that respond to the variable interface dial. Combined with being nearly nine inches long and being significantly thicker than other pleasure objects in the Lelo line, the lime green Ina is an intensely satisfying and aesthetically pleasing toy—a prima face example of the design, engineering, and style that stands behind the Lelo name.

Like all Lelo pleasure objects, the lime green Ina is made of matte PC-ABS/ body-safe silicone, a material specially developed to be thin enough to let vibrations emanate from the devise with the same clarity and integrity as when they are produced by the motors, but is effective enough so that the device will not overheat and you can't feel the raised temperature of the motors when the toy is put to good use. The base and control interface are manufactured with white, non-porous plastic and ends with a small LED light that glows when ready for recharge—something you won't see often, as two hours connected to the custom Lelo wall charger provides four hours of enjoyment and has a life of up to ninety days. When you discover you can't leave home without your Ina, there is no need to worry about embarrassing travel situations. Simply lock the device by holding the power button for five seconds and store your Ina in the white satin pouch that is included with all Lelo products.

The lime green Lelo INA will arrive in an elegant, high caliber black box with a custom charger, a white satin storage pouch, a small instruction manual, and is covered by a one-year warranty issued by Lelo.

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Dec 31, 1969, 07:33 PM

"lots of different modes, speeds, intensities etc to choose from"


Dec 31, 1969, 07:33 PM

"Girls, the only comment I have is: GET THIS TOY! You will experience orgasms in a way you have never imagined. Men should not feel left out, they can share this wonderful experience with us. If you have that special someone or a person with whom you like to explore, this toy will take your sex life to the next level. He can use the Ina to play with you and in return get the satisfaction of being the man who brings you incredible pleasure and orgasms! "

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