Ophoria Lovemoiselle Aveline - g-spot ceramic dildo

Ophoria Lovemoiselle Aveline - g-spot ceramic dildo
  • Ophoria Lovemoiselle Aveline - g-spot ceramic dildo
Lovemoiselle Aveline



Aveline is Lovemoiselle's unique ceramic g-spot dildo. With a tasteful blue flower painted on the side of its sleek, white, glazed body is an exquisitely sculpted sex toy, designed to match the inner contours of your body and naturally guide you toward hidden pleasure areas. At nearly 8.5" in length, the Aveline ceramic g-spot dildo is Lovemoiselle's longest pleasure wand, making g-spot orgasm and female ejaculation easier to reach! With its friction-free finish, the Aveline g-spot pleasure wand glides in and out like a wet dream. It's so smooth it might not even require lubrication!

The Aveline perfectly demonstrates the Lovemoiselle philosophy: to raise the standards for sex toys by manufacturing design-led products made of the highest quality materials. The Lovemoiselle Aveline is not a sex toy—it is a functional piece of sensual art, inspired by the female form and shaped to easily enable achieving female ejaculation. Because the Aveline is made of laboratory-tested non-porous glazed ceramic, the most hygienic and easy-to-clean sex toy on the market and is compatible with all lubricants (if indeed one is needed!).

Although the Aveline won't absorb liquid, it is highly sensitive to temperature. On cold autumn nights, wrap the Aveline in your palm for a few seconds before use and it will quickly become a cozy accessory. If you enjoy a chill, store the Aveline in your refrigerator for a few minutes before use while you prepare yourself for the coolest of sensations.

Like all Lovemoiselle sex toys, the Aveline ceramic dildo is extremely durable and should last the duration of its owner's life if cared for properly. The Aveline arrives in Lovemoiselle's subtle, black designer package and includes a black pouch for discreet storage. Your g-spot will never settle for less!

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Dec 31, 1969, 07:33 PM

"nice angle for my spot + super nice weighted feel & comfortable grip"


Dec 31, 1969, 07:33 PM

"trying to learn female ejaculation. Bout this product. I’ll keep you updated….."

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