The Top 10 Sex Toys for Men (Of All Time)

As we transition from warm and summery to cold and blustery, we men often find ourselves spending more time indoors and feeling the pangs of cabin fever induced loneliness. Instead of just sitting on the LoveSac, watching Star Trek marathons and stuffing our faces with Slim Jims, we should take some time to read up on some sex tips for men and expand our ability to either play solo or with our significant other, ultimately helping us to become world-class lovers.

We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed with all of the choices out there, as the world of sex toys for men involves more than just huge dildos for her or the Fleshlight for us dudes these days. So, let me present to you: The Top 10 Sex Toys For Men!

10. The LoveHoney Sqweel – While at first glance this may look like a toy meant specifically to stimulate a woman’s clitoris, it is in fact an incredibly effective sex toy for men. Stepping out of the traditional sex toy box, the Sqweel features a rotating wheel of ten, soft, delectable silicone tongues meant to lick at you rapidly and effectively. Yes, I said ten tongues. Dwell on that sexual mind melt for a second, gentlemen, and then please continue on.

9. The Nexus G-Play – While some of you may be scared of entering the world of buttplugs, you must trust us that this is an incredible device that no man should ever miss out on (or at least try once, you scaredy cat pansy). While we guys usually focus mainly on our ‘little buddy’ up front, we far too often forget that our other pleasure button is actually located within the backdoor. There are amazing anal toys for both men and women that aren’t just floppy huge dildos – and this is one of them. The Nexus G-Play provides incredible prostate and anal stimulation, it is easy to clean and the vibrating action gives intensely pleasurable orgasms. Oh, and just like the Sqweel – your girlfriend can use it as well. And as your creepy uncle always told you, couples that share sex toys together stay together!

8. Fleshlight – Original Pink Lady – Ah, the Fleshlight. The world has changed so much for the better since this delectable soft silicone hoo-ha with an ergonomic grip entered our lives. Before the Fleshlight we suffered through a word of unrealistic and poorly designed fake vaginas, mouths and anuses. Fleshlight changed this and set a standard that is nearly unmatched in terms of excellence (and that’s saying quite a bit for a faux vagina). If you have never used one of these, you are absolutely missing out on one of the greatest self-gratification experiences known to man. While there are now many variations in both color, texture, orifice and style – we hold a soft spot for the original.

7. The Ophoria V-Ring – The cock ring: One of the oldest and greatest sex toys in the history of man. If you have used one of these before you can attest to their ability to keep even a sleepy (read: tipsy) man hard and ready all night long. While cock rings of the past only focused on keeping a man erect, new models like the Ophoria V-Ring have combined their erection boosting ability with a nicely textured mini-vibe designed to stimulate a female partner’s clit, thus making your sexual experience all the more powerful. And what man on earth wouldn’t want more power? The Ophoria V-Ring could only be improved if it had a pull-start engine.


6. The Standard Innovation We Vibe II – My god. This thing is amazing. The We Vibe II is designed so that it stimulates a female both clitorally and vaginally at the same time. Or, it can also be used to give simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation. But, it doesn’t stop just there. While your female partner has the wireless and rechargeable We Vibe II inserted in her you can also penetrate her with your penis. The vibrations from the front and the back of the toy travel through your partner stimulating you at the exact same time creating explosive, excellent orgasms for both of you. And if you’re playing solo, the whole toy can be wrapped around the head of your penis for a wonderfully tantalizing sensation. Options: the We Vibe II gives you many – and you’re really only limited by how vanilla your imagination is.

5. Sportsheets Sex In The Shower – Finally. For far too long almost every vibrator in existence was shaped like a penis. Now, this may come as a shock to the rest of the sex toy world, but not every guy on earth wants to rub a huge vibrating penis against his own to achieve orgasm. Also, with phallic devices being so oddly shaped you lose focus of the most important part of a vibrator for a man: the vibrations! The Sex In The Shower mini-vibe has its vibrations coming from a direct pulsating source AND it’s entirely waterproof. That means you can play with it in the shower by yourself, or as we prefer, with a couple of friends in a Vegas hotel room hot tub.

4. Lelo Toys’ Lelo BO – This is a cock ring on performance enhancing drugs, and we’re here to testify! Made of very flexible material and with a really nice weight to it, the Lelo BO takes every sexual experience and kicks it up a notch. The large end of the ring contains an effective vibrator that can be placed at the top of the penis to stimulate a partner clitorally or vaginally, or you can swivel it around so the pleasurable vibrations echo through your scrotum sending you into overdrive. This toy keeps you rock hard and makes you and your partner have intense orgasms. What else could you ask for in a vibrating cock ring?

3. Nexus iStim Electro Stimulator – Hello and welcome to the future of sex – glad to have you with us on the tour. This toy’s concept is going to be completely new to a lot of you, so let us explain this in a way that will be easy for all guys to understand. Have you ever seen a sci-fi porn where the robotic sexy mistress can stimulate a guy to orgasm just by placing her metallic cybernetic fingers near his erogenous zones? Well, that’s now much closer to being a reality. The Nexus iStim uses what is called a TENS machine (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator for us nerds) to deliver tiny electrical impulses to important nerve areas of the body through small adhesive pads placed on your skin or via connections with other related iStim toys. Trust me, you’ve never felt anything like it. Well, unless you’re from another planet…

2. The Picobong Tano – This is a magical little buttplug, and we’re not ashamed to say so. The Picobong Tano takes everything we have come to love and expect from a male buttplug, and then turns the volume up to 11. If you’ve never used a male vibrating P-spot toy before, you won’t believe the sensations you will receive from this thing. Angled perfectly to stimulate the male prostate, this toy feels both comfortable and erotic at the same time. So do you like mind-melting orgasms that leave you in a blissful exhausted heap? Uh yeah, you’re gonna love this.

1. Lelo Toys’ Lelo Oden – There are few times where a toy is made entirely for both members in a relationship to use equally, and that is exactly what this is. An egalitarian orgasm giver, the Lelo Oden is the king of male sex toys. Featuring wireless and motion-sensitive technology, this is beyond anything you have ever used before. Featuring a built-in accelerometer (like your smart phone) it can sense directional changes in the wireless remote you can hold in your hand (or mouth!) while pleasuring both yourself and your partner. It can also be used as a solo toy allowing you to manipulate the vibrations you experience without ever having to flick a switch. It is completely waterproof, rechargeable, and it looks like a work of modern art. Hands down, this is the best sex toy out there today for couples, men and women. What’s not to love about that?

They say sex is the greatest deterrent to Seasonal Affective Disorder, so take this coming time indoors as an opportunity to brush up on some sex tips for men, use this little list we here at Paris Intimates have revealed to you, and give yourself the absolute hottest winter ever (even if you’re too broke to turn the heat on). With so many choices available to you, there’s something for every guy to enjoy – so go get busy, and teach yourself some new tricks.

After all, if you want to play well with others, you’ve got to play well by yourself first, right?





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